I would like to know specifically if it is possible to fish from docks or beach area?

Yes, this is very possible. There are specific spots around the complex where this activity is allowed.

Is there a casino nearby?

Yes, there are many casinos nearby. We provide free transportation to Tower Casino every night from 9PM to 11PM. Meeting point is front-desk.

Can I pay with my credit card? What credit cards are accepted?

Yes, payment can be sent through the online listing service you have contacted us through AirBnb, Flipkey, VRBO or Paypal. Most of them accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover card or eCheck payment information.

Is there a grocery store? If so, how far is it?

The grocery store is located about 8-10 minutes outside the complex.

Is there WIFI available? What is the cost?

Yes, there is Wifi available inside the unit and it is absolutely free to use.

Does the cost include services like air conditioning, hot water, electricity, gas, etc?

Yes, the cost includes all services such as electricity, hot water, etc.