Fishing in Punta Cana

Fishing in Punta Cana is a worldwide known experience. Punta Cana is a place that comprises one of the great fishing destinations in the world. Big-game fishing is big in Punta Cana, when fishing in Punta Cana you will find blue and white marlin, wahoo (a kind of mackerel), sailfish, and mahimahi among other catches in these waters.

Several fishing tournaments are held every summer. Marina Cap Cana hosts various big-game tournaments during the summer, including Blue Marlin and White Marlin Invitationals and a Classic. The Punta Cana waters have hosted the ESPN Xtreme Billfishing Tournament every year since 2003. Blue marlin tournaments are also held annually on the La Mona Channel originating out of Cabeza de Toro. Several tour operators offer organized deep-sea fishing in punta cana

The Billfish Report points out that the Caribbean waters are “absolutely packed” with Blue Marlins. The White Marlin season runs from March to July, while the Blue Marlin runs from July to September. Sailfish, Wahoo Peto and Tuna are the other fish species that you can find in Punta Cana waters.

Deep Sea Fishing in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is home to some of the Caribbean’s largest Sport fishing competitions in the Caribdeep fishingbean.

The deep ocean blue are a striking contrast from the turquoise beaches, and it’s that change of depth, coupled with the ebb and flow the Mona passage between the Atlantic and the Caribbean, that provides a very rich habitat for the big game fish.

From punta cana marina you can embark on a distinctive selection of charter cruises, powerboat or diving adventures to explore Dominican Republic’s captivating coastal waters.

Marina Cap Cana

Marina Cap Cana is the perfect place to begin a day of adventure, sailing in your yacht, touring the beautiful shores of the Dominican Republic, fishing and exploring the treasures of the island to return to the safe harbor of Cap Cana.cap cana marina

Marina Cap Cana offers over 130 slips, accommodating up to 150 ft. yachts, with complete services for captains and crew. It is surrounded by an enchanting village with gourmet restaurants and elegant boutiques. Its coastlines and proximity are considered among the best spots in the world for fishing and deep-water diving.

Marina Cap Cana has been the scene of world-famous fishing tournaments and has become a popular destination among those whcap cana marinao enjoy fishing, and breaking records.

Due to the inland construction of the marina it is a protected harbor, providing an additional amenity during hurricane season.

The staff is friendly and flexible; they are instructed in paying attention to detail to ensure that your holiday lives up to your dreams and that your yachting lifestyle is forever enhanced.


Fishing Tournaments in Punta Cana

The sport fishermen have several opportunities for landing a spot in a big-game sport fishing tournament at Marina Cap Cana between June  and August

From the early days of summer to the heat of mid-August, sport fishermen/women can participate in competitive, fun and varied sport fishing tournaments in the crystal clear waters of the Mona Passage. Marina Cap Cana will host eight consecutive weeks of sport fishing tournaments and related events, all geared toward serious anglers and those fishing for the sheer joy of it.punta cana fishing

Participating anglers can spend a few days or the entire summer competing in fishing tournaments hosted by Marina Cap Cana. Special dockage rates at the marina, cash prizes and Cap Cana resort prizes (vouchers to luxury amenities) are on tap for the tournament. Social and entertainment events are on tap too, “making for some hot fun” and fishing – throughout the summer fishing season at Marina Cap Cana.

Marina Cap Cana is managed by Brandy Marine International, L.L.C., a Sarasota, FL, USA firm with 32 years experience in marina management, consulting, marketing and design.

There are Six Major Big-Game Fishing Tournaments Hosted by Marina Cap Cana:

  •  Abordo Fishing Derbyfishing tournaments calendar

  •  White Marling Invitational

  •  Marling University

  • International Billfish Shootout

  • Big Five

  • Cap Cana Classic

Participants in these tournament must have a minimum of eight departures and a maximum of 12 departures for fishing, with prizes awarded to the top point-getters. Anglers have the flexibility of fishing on their own schedules (Thursdays through Sundays), while maintaining a running point total based on the minimum and maximum number of departures. Anglers who participate in this tournament will automatically be invited to participate in the White Marlin Invitational and the Cap Cana Classic Blue Marlin Invitational.

These are all catch and release tournaments

“Marina Cap Cana is an ideal port for sport fishermen during the summer months,” said Capt. Andrew G. New, the Marina General Manager. “White marlin have already begun biting less than two miles from the main entrance channel and are expected to be in abundance during the fishing toufishing in punta canarnament. Fishing for prized blue marlin off Cap Cana is projected to be superb from June through the end of August.”

The marina is strategically situated on the Mona Passage on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. The Mona Passage is the body of water bordered by the Dominican Republic on the west and Puerto Rico on the east.

The Mona Passage is at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, creating world-class fishing grounds for white marlin and blue marlin. Other species caught in the Mona Passage, including sailfish, grouper, Dorado and snapper.