Diving: See the wonders of the sea in Cap Cana

Scuba diving is one of the adventures you should try while visiting Cap Cana. It is an exciting experience for divers from amateurs to professionals. Punta Cana has the longest coral reef system in the Dominican Republic, and the crystal turquoise waters let you explore the coral passages, caverns and the wrecks that are a short distance away. For these reasons, you will definitely have an amazing scuba diving experience in Punta Cana.

Where to dive

You will find a great variety of dive environments at Punta Cana. From deep wrecks to shallow reefs and caves, there is always a place that will suit your demands. Most of the dives sites are shallow, which allows new divers to get some experience. You can also try some night diving, a popular excursion near the reefs area.

Famous wrecks

There are some historical wrecks nearby. The Astron Wreck is one of the famous nearby where you can see the Caribbean and Atlantic fauna. The stern of the Astron is very impressive as you can see the bow on the boat ride to the dive site. The Monica wreck is known also for its coral and sea life, and you can see masses of squirrelfish while diving there.


The Monica wreck is known also for its coral and sea life, and you can see masses of squirrelfish while diving there.



La Cueva is a popular place for its cavernous features, with depths between 26 to 43 feet (8 to 13m). You will be able to see stingrays and nurse sharks when diving in La Cueva.


The amazing and extensive reef system in Punta Cana offers marvelous corals and beautiful passages to watch. The most famous reefs are the Coral garden, Rondana, Batato, Paradise, Park Reef and El Ancla.


When to dive

If you want to hear the underwater song of a humpback whale and to see the splash of its tail at sea, you should consider diving between December and May. This is the time of the year the island hosts humpback whale who migrate from the North Atlantic, and whales offer a great show of splashing and rearing.


However, at summer months, seas get calm to the northern coast. Thus, from June to November is the best period of time to dive in Punta Cana.

Diving and the sea life

Small sharks and rays, as well as game fish, are a common sight while diving in Punta Cana. Nurse sharks are very common inhabitants of this area and you will find them hiding in the caverns and wrecks. Turtles, eagle rays and a variety of tropical fishes are very numerous and very easy to watch on the coral reefs.

diving-punta-cana  diving-mackerel-punta-cana

If you want to enjoy diving in Punta Cana, here you have some of the best dive centers among the area:

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We hope you consider this wonderful adventure and enjoy the wonders of the sea in this Caribbean paradise.