Experience the Jazz at Dominican Republic

Jazz is one of the most popular music expressions in the Dominican Republic. This rhythm attracts tourists and locals due to the musical richness of this genre and the great fusion that Dominican jazz musicians have created. Dominican musicians put its original touch and have made Dominican jazz unique and well-known in the Caribbean and the world.

History of Jazz at the Dominican Republic

Jazz begins its history in the Dominican Republic as part of the musical mixture generated from the US military occupation in the country between 1916 and in 1924. In this context, the first jazz bands appeared in the Dominican Republic and they had a fast expansion in the country. Initially, the Dominican jazz bands started to play as Caribbean music orchestras. They played danzón, merengue, and other music genres. Then they were transformed to jazz bands imitating the American jazz band format.

Over the years, Dominican musicians have produced a fusion between local music and jazz. New forms of jazz emerged such as the meren-jazz, the jazz-folk, and the afro Dominican jazz. This has enriched the Caribbean jazz spectrum of which they belong.

Jazz Festivals in the Island

Jazz has become part of the Dominican cultural patrimony. It is a reference of the Dominican Caribbean music for tourists and local residents. This has led to the creation of several Jazz festivals in the country. Here we show you the most famous festivals in the island.

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is the oldest and one of the most famous festivals of the Caribbean and the world. And here at Cap Cana, we will have the pleasure of being part of the 2019 edition of the festival. The first two days of the festival (August 30 – 31) will be held at Los Establos in Cap Cana. During October 2019, we will enjoy the second part of the festival at Santiago and Puerto Plata.  Finally, the third part of the festival will be held in November 2019 at Sosúa and Playa Cabarete. Every year, the festival has featured some of the world’s best Latin jazz groups and musicians. This festival is well-known for bringing flavor and color for the jazz lovers that gather during the event.


Marco Pignataro and Berklee Global Jazz Ambassadors. DR Jazz Festival 2018 at Cap Cana
Photo: Gabriel Rhodes

Santo Domingo Jazz Festival

Another famous Jazz festival in the country is the Santo Domingo Jazz Festival. The festival started in the year 2000 to support the Dominican jazz bands and promote jazz music in the country. During the years, the festival has served as a bridge for people interested in the organization of musical events on the island. This has helped the discovery of national and international new talents, and it has positioned the country as an international spot for world-class music events.

The 2019 edition – the twentieth – of this festival is currently taking place at Casa de Teatro every Thursday until July 25.  Bands from the United States, Chile, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic are performing, celebrating the love for this musical expression.


Information about 2019 Santo Domingo Jazz Festival
Picture from Facebook @Casadeteatro

If you are a jazz lover, or you really love great music, there is no doubt that you should live the experience of jazz on the island. At Punta Cana Apartments, we will love to help you live the experience. Come and join us!

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