May: One of the Best Months to Visit Punta Cana

Punta Cana is known for its excellent tropical weather almost all year, with average highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Over 80% of the year is rain free.  During May, you might see the island less crowded and you can find good prices on accommodations compared to the winter season (December – February). Let’s review some of the reason why you should consider May a good time to visit our island.



The temperatures in Cap Cana change very little from season to season. During May, humidity and temperatures combine to make this month feel warm. The weather is enjoyable with sunny skies most of the time and the average temperature is around 80°F (27°C). Through May, precipitation and humidity hit a high peak with an average of 75.2% for humidity and a daily chance of rain of 21%.



If you want to visit Cap Cana and avoid the crowds, May is the month for you. You will see more tourists during the peak seasons, such as winter and spring break months. In May, most of the crowds have left so you will probably enjoy a more laid-back experience.



You can find reasonable prices for lodging in May, as the island is less crowded and precipitation and humidity rises comparing to the earliest spring months.


Events in May 2019

If you decide to visit us during May, there are some events you can enjoy in Punta Cana:

From May 6 – 10:  Kid Rock’s Music Festival Vacation

From May 10 – 12: II Real State Fair Punta Blanca 2019

May 18: Punta Cana Grill Fest 2019

May 18: Bicolore Cruise Party

From May 23 – 28: Memorial Day Weekend – We are D.R. Live Reunion in Punta Cana

May 23: DJ Norie at We are D.R. Live Reunion in Punta Cana

If you are willing to travel some miles and explore the beautiful city of Santo Domingo while you are visiting the island, take a look at these options:

Every Wednesday: Jazz Nights at Acrópolis

From May 9 – 11: Gastronomic, The Art of Eating – Gastronomic Popup

From May 10 – 19: Taste Santo Domingo 2019

May 10:  Astronomic Observations

Every Friday and Saturday: Santo Domingo de Fiesta

Every Friday: Fiesta Sunset Jazz

We wish you can visit us soon and enjoy this beautiful paradise. Come and join us!

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